Jean-Marc JACOT was born in a French family, in New York City, where he lived until the age of 24 — except for a year and a half in Montreal, Quebec. This enabled him to master both French and English and to gain a particular interest in crosscultural exchanges.

He spent most of his high school years at the Lycée Français de New York (LFNY), one year at the United Nations International School (UNIS), from where he graduated with a Bilingual International Baccalaureate. Afterwards, Jean-Marc went on to study humanities at Columbia University, New York City’s Ivy League College.

After studying professional photography in Montreal, he worked in Manhattan as a lab technician and assistant for several photographers in fashion and advertising. A few years later, he moved to France — living at first in Montpellier and in Paris since 1985, where he enrolled in a professional radio broadcasting school sponsored by Europe 1, one of the leading French national radio stations. He specialized in talk show hosting and worked as a producer, host and technician for a weekly magazine, called “The Golden Age” — “L’Âge d’Or” — on Radio Ici et Maintenant!, a show dedicated to all subjects related to well-being, spirituality, ecology, Eastern philosophies, holistic therapies. He is currently hosting another talk show in French on Radio Morpheus, called “Lumière: to light up the path leading to a better world” — “Lumière : pour éclairer le chemin vers un monde meilleur.”

He validated his bilingual skills with a degree from the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry around the same period, and studied conference interpreting at ISIT, a well-known French institute in the field of translation and interpreting.

Jean-Marc began teaching English to university students quite early on, and is now doing the same with business executives. He has worked for various language training schools such as the Wall Street Institute, Télélangue, Lexis, Languacom, Écolangues. His dedication to pedagogy led him to learn and apply more efficient teaching methods, such as Lozanov’s suggestopedia.

Jean-Marc works during lectures, workshops, seminars or conferences as a French-English bi-active interpreter. Besides his experience in technical translation, he has translated at least thirty books related to different methods of personal growth, a subject that he is particularly interested in.